Seed Scarification

Scarification is weakening or opening the outer shell of a seed to encourage germination. The most common type of scarification is achieved manually by filing, sanding, or clipping. In each method, only a small portion of the outer shell will be removed. 


To use a file for scarification, place the seed on top of a small metal file and gently drag the seed along the surface. Repeat this motion until you can see the inside of the seed.  

To use sandpaper, simply place your seed on the sandpaper and with gentle but firm pressure, rub your seed along the abrasive surface. We recommend using 100-150 grit sandpaper. 

For the clipper method, make sure the seed is big enough for you to hold and cut safely. You only need to nick the shell enough to see a little bit of the inside. Very little shell needs to be removed for scarification to work. 

If your seed also requires soaking, you should scarify first and soak after. 

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