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This year, I bought some more, and these are seeds I planted two years ago. You wouldn't believe how much effort I put into achieving this. Perennial plants indeed grow larger and stronger over the years. So, any perennial seeds that survive the first year will thrive in the following years. The flowers also become larger and more beautiful. I'm very skilled at doing these things.

Thy Tran

I bought it in Spring 2022 and now is the first year it’s blooming. It’s height ~ 3ft-4ft. It’s beautiful. Zone 7b

James the Amateur

Backyard border - INCREDIBLE


Zinnias! The happiest of all flowers!


Highly recommed! These seeds are amazing though it took them about 4 weeks to germinate and another 4 weeks to start blooming! I purchased pack of 200 seeds, and now have 4 beautiful pots in the full bloom. I planted seeds as soon as I received them at the end of May, and they started to bloom on July 15th. You need to be patient with them to see the result! Plant the seeds indoors in mid April if you want them to start blooming early in June.


I planted mine in March 2021. This year it's really come into its own and has many huge, beautiful roses


I love this flowers so beautiful!

Ashley Bolland

These seeds did so well in our backyard. I watered them pretty consistently at the beginning of summer and as they were established and began sprouting I let our drip system do the rest of the work and boy did they do some work! Some of them are around 5 feet tall and there are so many blooms that continue to pop. Can’t recommend enough! We have brought so many honey bees into our yard (they are still hanging around even in late September) We are zone 7 in Utah and these guys did so well

Jamie Comer

I’ve been pleased with the range of color and healthiness / robust character of this sweet summertime bloom. Amended soil full sun/ daily sparing water / arid climate / moderately windy.


Used the lil burpee seed pod things. They all sprouted... I killed half, but still have half, and a ton of seeds left.