Cleome Seeds - Cherry Queen
Cleome Seeds - Cherry Queen
Cleome Seeds - Cherry Queen
Cleome Seeds - Cherry Queen
Cleome Seeds - Cherry Queen
Cleome Seeds - Cherry Queen

Cleome Seeds - Cherry Queen

Spider Flower, Pink Queen, Grandfather Whiskers.
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In bright cherry red (as the name would suggest!) Cherry Queen Cleome is a mid/late season bloomer with a high heat tolerance -- the perfect way to add some color to your southern region garden. Commonly known as Spider Plant, Cleome seeds are often slow and difficult to germinate, and generally should be cold stratified before planting for best results.

Planting Cleome Seeds - Cherry Queen

When to Plant Cleome Seeds

Cleome seeds are easy to start and require minimal maintenance. This annual plant is typically sown from early spring to mid-summer, with blooming continuing until the first frost. In windy areas, staking may be needed, but cleomes are generally resistant to diseases and insects. These plants are attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.

Where to Plant Cleome Seeds

Cleome seeds can be started either indoors or outdoors. They thrive in full sun, and under temperatures of 70 to 80°F, you can expect germination within 8 to 12 days.

How to Plant Cleome Seeds

Although not mandatory, cleome seeds can benefit from a special treatment called cold stratification, lasting 7 to 14 days, before planting them.

Cleome seeds require light to germinate, so be careful not to cover them when planting.

Plant cleome seeds 1/8th inch deep and leave them uncovered. Space seeds 3 inches apart, with 18 inches between rows. Thin the plants to 18 to 24 inches apart when they reach 3 inches in height. If cleome plants are started indoors, they can be transplanted at 21 to 25 days.

How to Care for Cleome

For taller cleome varieties, use stakes to provide support and prevent breakage. Thin out the plants once they reach 6 inches or more. Transplanting can also be safely done when they reach this height.