Pansy Seeds - Mix
Pansy Seeds - Mix
Pansy Seeds - Mix
Pansy Seeds - Mix
Pansy Seeds - Mix
Pansy Seeds - Mix

Pansy Seeds - Mix

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Compact, small, and abundantly flowering, this Viola Mix presents a range of colors in its iconic diminutive style. With flat, open faces in purple, lavender, violet, and yellow, it adds grace to your garden bed or border. This mix includes solid, bi-color, and even tri-color pansies, making it an excellent choice for container planting.

Planting Pansy Seeds - Mix

About Pansies

Pansies are either annuals or short-lived perennials, reaching heights of 6-12 inches, depending on the variety. These stunning blooms showcase a spectrum of colors, including yellow, red, mahogany, blue, purple, pink, orange, white, and black!

When to Plant Pansy Seeds

Begin indoor seeding approximately 10-12 weeks before the last expected frost date.

Where to Plant Pansy Seeds

Pansies thrive in part shade and prefer fertile, moist, well-drained soils with a pH of 5.8-7.2. In cooler climates, they can tolerate full sun. Adding mulch helps keep the soil cool and moist.

How to Plant Pansy Seeds

It might seem counterintuitive, but not all seeds should be exposed to light! Pansy seeds, in particular, require darkness to germinate. Ensure that the seeds are fully covered when planting.

Plant the seeds approximately 1/4" deep and lightly cover them with peat moss since darkness is necessary for germination. Germination typically occurs within 7-10 days after sowing. Once all threat of frost has passed, you can transplant the seedlings into your outdoor garden. When transplanting, space the seedlings 9-12" apart.

How to Care for Pansies

To extend the flowering season, deadhead the flowers regularly and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer approximately once a month. Revitalize leggy plants by cutting them back. Keep a watch for pests and take prompt action to prevent plant damage. Common pests to be mindful of include slugs, snails, spider mites, and powdery mildew. The good news is that pansies are resistant to deer.